Live Jazz, in Santa Barbara

Every Wednesday night 7-10pm at Stella Mares. 20 years running.

Available for events, anywhere, anytime. 

Nothing adds a touch of class to your wedding, corporate event, or celebration like jazz. Let’s make your event memorable together.

Client Testimonials

Here is an excerpt from one of our favorite clients!

Shaun, Tom and George,

I wanted to thank each of you for the beautiful evening of music you provided during the wedding rehearsal dinner at Stella Mare’s last Thursday.

The dinner at Stella Mare’s was extraordinary, the service was impeccable and the ambiance of the Greenhouse Room was amazing, but your music added a warmth to the evening that made the evening so much more enjoyable to everyone.

You hit that magic mark where your wonderful music filled the room, but it was pleasing enough to allow our guests to enjoy their conversations with each other.

I was amazed at the number of comments that people expressed to me about how much they enjoyed your music and how “great” the band was. I was particularly surprised at how much some of the younger people enjoyed the music. I would have thought their taste in music would have been much different.

I also wanted to thank you for “going with the flow” as Cathe and I tried to fit in several interruptions to your performance with our “welcome comments” and our toast to Brianne and Brian. We had never hosted an event like this before and we weren’t as organized as we would like to have been. But, thank you for your help to make things run smoothly.

As you probably noticed, I was pretty busy much of the evening co-hosting the dinner with my wife and I didn’t have the opportunity to sit and appreciate your music the way I would have liked to. But I did have a few minutes at one point to just sit and listen to you and it was apparent that you are exceptional musicians who have a special bond and create a really beautiful sound.

I would also like to thank George for the “Alone Together” music CD. I played it several times yesterday. It’s great music and it brought back beautiful memories of the evening.

I enjoyed meeting each of you and I wanted you to know how much everyone in the room enjoyed your performance and how much Cathe and I appreciated the beautiful music you created during the dinner.

Thank you again……. Joe

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